Boneteria Aotearoa is home to the world's best quality, most comfortable berets. Made by Boneteria Auloronesa in Oloron Sainte Marie, the birthplace of the beret in the French Béarn. 

Boneteria Auloronesa is an artisan company that hand makes berets in the traditional way; made of foulard quality French merino felt, fitted with a liguette or a supple leather headband. 

Boneteria (Béarnais): beret manufacturer,  > Bonetaire, bonetaira nom: bonnetier, bonnetière, seller of berets

Aotearoa /ˈæɒˌtɪəˌroːə/ (noun):  the Māori name for New Zealand. From Māori ao tea roa (Land of the Long White Cloud).

Mammoths come from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains ; Alpin-like berets top quality berets at an affordable price.