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Grand Foulards Alpin



The Grand Foulard Alpin, or "Tarte", is the ultimate beret, though not for the faint hearted. The "Tarte" was developed for the French army RĂ©giment d'Infanterie de Montagne, in 1888. These mountain infanterists needed a headgear to protect them from the weather, both the sun and snow of the high mountains; a hat that kept them warm; that didn't blow off while skiing downhill and was large enough to keep the body protected from rain and snow while standing still on sentry duty. The wearers of the "Tarte" soon built up a reputation of bravery and recklessness, earning them the nickname of les Diables Bleu (Blue Devils). 
Coincidentally, these were the first officially issued military berets, the black berets of the British Royal Armoured Corps were modeled from these a few decades later.

The "Tarte" was soon adopted by shepherds in the Alps and Pyrenees, by mountaineers, hunters, outdoors-men and -women for the very same qualities the beret offered to the Chasseurs Alpin. Boneteria Auloronesa developed its own version in a heavy, 100% French merino wool felted 336mm model, available in black and seven colours. The last bulwark between the head and the clouds!