Foulard Universel Black

$ 97.50 

Foulard Universel Colour

The bérets foulard universel are the original berets, as made by generations of Béarnaise shepherds while out on the high mountain pastures during the summer months. The difference with other berets is the liguette (a satin drawstring) and a unique feature that enables the wearer to adjust the size perfectly without having to stretch the beret first.

An artisan product, these berets can only be produced in small quantities as they require delicate handwork that can't be managed by a machine.  Until the Industrial Revolution all berets were made in this way but as manufacturers were forced into bigger production this tailored product had to change. 

All Boneteria Aotearoa berets are of foulard quality: the highest possible comfort, superior finishing and soft to the touch.

The Foulards Universel Aotearoa are available in a variety of colours in two diameters; the standard 10p/28cm diameter and the generous 11p/310mm diameter.  The colours available are French Khaki, Bordeaux, Loden-Green, Rust-Red and Brown, all custom made for Boneteria Aotearoa; the black foulards are our édition limitée version, which are listed on the Édition limitée page.